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Self-Care for Superheroes

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A Trauma-Informed Approach to Taking Care of Ourselves

Those who work with victims of trauma are superheroes, dedicating our careers to helping others but also more likely to be impacted by vicarious trauma and chronic high stress.  Self-care is essential if we are to protect ourselves, foster our resilience, and better serve our community. 

Combining her extensive professional experience in complex trauma and her personal journey through medical trauma, Dr. Desroches presents an approach that applies trauma-informed and positive psychology principles to taking better care of ourselves, in order to better take care of others.

In this workshop, participants will learn about:

  • Trauma and its impacts, particularly in people working with victims of trauma.

  • Key features of trauma-informed care and positive psychology, and how these can be applied to self-care.

  • Important domains of self-care and key strategies and approaches.

  • Overcoming common obstacles to self-care.

  • Self-reflection and strategies for developing individualized self-care programs, including a 30-day Self-Care Challenge.

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Helping Children Heal from Complex Trauma

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Introduction to the CTR Therapeutic Model for Caregivers and Schools


For the past 8 years Dr. Chuck Geddes and Complex Trauma Resources’ clinicians have been effectively applying an understanding of complex trauma in the treatment of children and youth. This two-day workshop for caregivers and professionals will equip you to better understand and help the children and youth and families you serve. You can learn about the Complex Trauma Resources approach here and the CCI Program here.

 You will learn:

· What Complex Trauma is all About

· How Trauma Affects Brain Development

· Viewing Behaviour Through 7 Developmental Domains

· Assessment and Intervention Planning from the CTR Lens

· Simple and practical strategies to apply the CTR Therapeutic Model in Schools and Homes

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Resisting Vicarious Trauma with Collective Care and Justice - Doing

The Children’s Foundation (TCF) is pleased to be hosting a workshop with Vikki Reynolds, PHD RCC on Resisting Vicarious Trauma with Collective Care and

In this experiential workshop, Vikki offers an alternative approach to the notion of
vicarious trauma and worker burnout.

Folks working with people struggling with addiction, poverty, violence and oppression are often told that they will “burn out”, and that is the connection to the client’s pain that ‘traumatizes’ them. Contrary to this, is a story of sustainability—how our collective work sustains us, nourishes our hope, invites us to honour the resistance and strength that we witness in the people who we work alongside, and allows us to work congruently with
our ethics.

This experiential workshop will address our collective ethics and what is at the heart of our work, and practices of collective care as opposed to self-care. Workers will be invited to begin to build their own “Solidarity Team”; examining who stands alongside them, what ideas and practices sustain them, and how they might act to help each other when
burnout attacks.

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