Improving the lives of children

Triple P Comes to Vancouver

The Children’s Foundation Vancouver site is proud to announce that they are now offering Triple P – Positive Parenting Program. Our first session started on Oct 30, 2014 and will run for the next 7 Thursday’s. Triple P is a proven parenting method and researched thoroughly in many countries around the world. We will continue to run this program as needed. Although we will charge a fee, no one will be turned away if they are unable to afford it. We will subsidize those individuals from our "Make a Difference" fund. The use of the newly enhanced Bridge house provides the perfect venue to welcome the parents who are committed to learning and to be the best parents that they can be.

  The Children’s Foundation - Communities Caring for Children program emphasizes the need to build healthy, caring communities that are committed to strength-based approaches to child-rearing. It is our view that parents need access to parenting information as early as possible so that they feel they have the skills to be the best parents possible.

  For future sessions at our Vancouver site, please email Jenny at You will be notified of our next session once it is set.

- Angie Casoria