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Sensorimotor Psychotherapy Workshop with Pat Ogden

The Somatic Narrative: A Sensorimotor Psychotherapy Approach to Child and Family Treatment

Date: Friday, May 5, 2017

Location: La Perla Ballroom, New Westminster, BC (#230 - 810 Quayside Drive, New Westminster, BC)

The Children's Foundation (TCF) is pleased to be hosting Pat Ogden on Sensorimotor Psychotherapy. 

  Attachment failure and childhood trauma (abuse, accidents, bullying, relocations, loss, witnessing domestic violence, neglect and so forth) have profound effects not only on the developing brain, but also on the body. Yet few psychotherapy or counseling methods incorporate the body’s record of trauma and attachment disturbances or the healing potential of working with the body to support therapeutic change, leaving therapists dependent on the verbal narrative. However, the story told by the “somatic narrative” through gesture, posture, tone of voice, facial expressions, gaze, and movement is usually more significant and more accurate than the story told by the words. And the somatic narrative also can implicitly convey early experiences encoded in the brain and body long before the acquisition of language. To omit the body as a target of therapeutic action deprives children and their families of a much-needed avenue of self-knowledge and change.

  Within the context of an attachment-focused therapy, Sensorimotor Psychotherapy teaches clinicians to become interested in how the body carries the legacy of trauma and attachment failure and how children and families can be helped to change this legacy through somatic awareness and movement.

  Brief experiential exercises and videotaped excerpts of consultation sessions with children and families will be shown to illustrate Sensorimotor Psychotherapy interventions. Attendees will learn how to use the body in ways that are immediately applicable to their clinical practice to help resolve aggression, anti-social behaviour, attention and concentration problems, affect dysregulation, passivity and relational difficulties. Conducted in an atmosphere of curiosity, play and discovery, this approach is designed to build self-regulation and relationship skills, foster resilience and adaptive meaning-making, educate caregivers, and facilitate positive interactions between children and their caregivers.

Speaker: Pat Ogden, PhD

Pat Ogden, PhD, is a pioneer in somatic psychology and the Founder and Education Director of the Sensorimotor Psychotherapy Institute, an internationally recognized school specializing in somatic-cognitive approaches for the treatment of posttraumatic stress disorder and attachment disturbances.

Her Institute, based in Broomfield Colorado, has 19 certified trainers who conduct Sensorimotor Psychotherapy trainings of over 400 hours for mental health professionals throughout the US, Canada, Europe, and Australia. The Sensorimotor Psychotherapy Institute has certified hundreds of psychotherapists throughout the world in this method.  She is co-founder of the Hakomi Institute, past faculty of Naropa University (1985-2005), a clinician, consultant, and sought after international lecturer. Dr. Ogden is the first author of two groundbreaking books in somatic psychology: Trauma and the Body: A Sensorimotor Approach to Psychotherapy and Sensorimotor Psychotherapy: Interventions for Trauma and Attachment (2015) both published in the Interpersonal Neurobiology Series of W. W. Norton.  Her current interests include developing training programs in Sensorimotor Psychotherapy for children adolescents and families with colleagues, Embedded Relational Mindfulness, culture and diversity, couple therapy and working with challenging clients.

Tuition: $150 (Student Rate: $130)

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