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Emotion-Focused Family Therapy Workshop by Adele Lafrance


The Children's Foundation (TCF) is pleased to be hosting Dr. Adele Lafrance on Emotion-Focused Family Therapy. (EFFT) 

Part of the Emotion-Focused “family” and rooted in a deep belief in the healing power of parents, the essence of EFFT is to afford caregivers a role in their child’s recovery, regardless of their age, level of motivation or involvement in formal treatment themselves. The clinician’s roles it to support parents and caregivers to increase their involvement in the following four domains:

1. Recovery coaching, that is assisting their loved one with the interruption of symptoms and problematic behaviours;

2. Becoming their loved one’s emotional coach, that is supporting their loved one to approach and process emotional pain;

3. Working through individual and family injuries via relationship repair; and

4. Identifying, understanding and transforming “emotion blocks” that lead to therapy-interfering behaviours, including co-parenting challenges.

This final component is critical since throughout the course of treatment, some well-intentioned caregivers can struggle to support their loved one’s treatment. They may even engage in behaviours that enable their loved one’s symptoms, creating for the most experienced clinicians. For this reason, the EFFT model includes a module for clinician and team challenges as well.

This training includes experiential components and participants will learn techniques that can be integrated into existing treatment models for those clients and families who do not respond to standard care. Background/experience in family therapy is not necessary.

Speaker: Dr. Adele Lafrance

Dr. Adele Lafrance is an Associate Professor of Psychology from Ontario, Canada. She is a clinical psychologist and co-developer of Emotion-Focused Family Therapy (EFFT). Along with colleagues, Dr. Lafrance is writing the clinician manual on Emotion-Focused Family Therapy for the American Psychological Association. She is also the developer of Emotion-Focused School Support. As founding co-director of Mental Health Foundations, Dr. Lafrance provides consultation and training for clinicians, school boards and mental health agencies worldwide. She has published extensively in the field of clinical psychology and currently supports the research base for EFFT across the lifespan. She has also developed and researched a supervision model for clinicians. Dr. Lafrance is perhaps best know for her work promoting family-focused clinical care for adolescents and adults struggling with mental health issues.

PLACE:   Burnaby Lake Pavilion (6871 Roberts Street, Burnaby, BC)

DATE:     Thursday & Friday, October 19 & 20

TIME:      9:30am - 4:30pm   (Registration: 9:00am)

TUITION: $350.00        

Refund Policy: A full refund can be issued with notification at least 7 days prior to the workshop.

C.E.U.'s applied for : Canadian Counselling Association


Learning Objectives & Methods

· Describe parent-friendly techniques for regulating child/adolescent emotion, preventing emotional escalations; and de-escalating outbursts in progress

· Describe techniques to support families to heal old wounds

· Identify markers of problematic emotional processes underlying therapy-interfering behaviours in parents and caregivers

· Apply emotion processing skills to resolve caregiver and clinician “emotion blocks”

· Summarize key finding from process and outcome research


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